WARNING: highly addictive fun coming at you!

First, I must thank my sister Terry for letting me in on this.

Have you heard of Pinterest?

It is a super addictive, highly informative and wonderfully fun website! That is if you're a crafty person, lover of food, admirer of great photography and fashion, fanatic about party planning, etc. I happen to be guilty of all of the above. So here's the what:

go there. go there now. (but come back here.)

I also added their App to my iPhone. It's become more addicting than Facebook for me. Well, in all honesty, I'm not that addicted to Facebook. I check it a few times a day. But Pinterest, I get low battery messages a lot while I'm pouring through all of the neat stuff!

Basically, it's like someone took all of the coolest and most interesting blogs out there and dropped them in one giant yummy pot. I'm also excited that it will help me get some of my own creations out into the world and in front of a very vast audience.

The only draw back is that my "crafty to do" list has grown exponentially. I have so many crafts and projects I want to make now. It's also helping me to keep updated with HOT party planning trends. I need to book some new clients and events because I am bubbling over with new ideas for parties!

So, I apologize in advance for being your "dealer" and getting YOU addicted to Pinterest, but truthfully, I think you'll thank me in the end.

Blog love to all!


Photo Challenge Update

Um....what can I say? Life got in the way of this one! But do not fret, I still have been taking photos. I will be continuing my posts soon!



30 Days {A Photography Challenge} * Day 2

Day 2 : what I wore today

I chose to photograph the make-up I wore. I shot this image on my kitchen counter top with natural light from a window to the right and above the subject, as well as the built in stock flash on my Nikon.I love how the red of the make up brush and mascara tube are so vivid.

On to another new favorite photo....

meet Olivia Lynette!

She is the new baby daughter of my best friend Crystal and her hubby Andy. Born on July 15th, weighting 6lb, 15oz, measuring 20 inches long. Perfect in every way! I am so very happy for Crystal and Andy. I love that Gwen and Olivia will grow up together. I don't have any childhood friends I'm still close with, so it's nice to know Gwen will have that. It's nice to know she'll grow up with quite a few kids her age. Of course so will our next kid(s). It's going to be so fun watching them all grow up!



Better at Blogging

In an attempt to motivate myself to start blogging again, I'm doing a 30 Day Photo Challenge. I'm trying to be better about posting and I'm hoping this will help.

So here goes....

Day 1 - Self Portrait


Today's Star

Another Culinary Adventure begins...

Pulled Pork Tacos




The Wiggles

Who comes up with this stuff? We watch Sprout TV every couple of days, and I'm amazed at the shows. The Wiggles are bizarre. I do like the music though. Wait, let me clarify, I like that they sing a lot. I don't actually like ANY of the music. But Gwen loves this stuff, and I do find myself singing some of the songs. Being a parent is awesome!