Mrs. Home Maker

Being a stay at home mom has been such a blessing! Aside from spending oodles of time with our little girl, I've finally been able to do all those fun "domesticated" tasks I've always wanted to try. Today, I'm making a big batch of Orange Marmalade. With a limited income, I'm making most of my gifts this year. I always like to give something to my girlfriends, aunts, grandmas, and other important ladies in my life. I think gifts that are made are so special. I'm sure I'll have to make about 3-4 batches.

I'll post pics later this week.

I've also taken on the huge task of Christmas Cookie baking. I HATE to bake. I'm trying to overcome this by baking and baking and baking, till I can't bake no more. Jeff is happy, but only until I slap his hand away from swiping all the goodies. I'm making all these danged cookies for our xmas parties, sheesh.

I love this little life of mine!