Caution...Awesome Birthday Fun Under Construction!

I hope I have a boy someday! I mean come on....what little boy would't want this for a birthday party....

I just added a new collection to my Etsy shop. It's called Under Construction, and it is SUPER fun! I styled a birthday party last weekend using the collection. Everything turned out really cute. Check out more pics at www.fancythatstudio.com

Here's another peak...



Prepping for Halloween

I do love the spooky holiday! In preparation for our annual pumpkin carving party, I set my party printables company, Fancy That Studio, to work creating a complete printable collection for the event.  We all know my company is just me, but somehow I like saying "we" whenever I'm in my Fancy That Studio voice.

So, we created a full printable party line and named it A Frightful Affair. It turned out even better than I had envisioned. I'm styling a photo shoot tomorrow to showcase the collection on my website. I'm very excited to play around with the different pieces I created. I'll be mailing out the invitation to our pumpkin carving party later this week. Usually our invite is an evite, so I'm especially excited about this years invitation.

Here's a peak at A Frightful Affair:

Menu Cards
Bottle Labels
Drink Wraps

I'm selling the 20+ piece collection for only $19.50! That's a steal! Tell everyone you know! :)

 Visit my store or website for more details!



My last day...for now

Tomorrow marks my final day filling in for Crystal while she was on maternity leave. I'm excited and sad. I've really enjoyed going back to work. Mostly because I had at ton of flexibilty, awesome AWESOME boss, and time to appreciate NOT being away from home at a job. The sad feelings come from missing the structure of having a job. The excitement is from, well, not having a job! I can't wait to be home again full time with Gwen. She's so much fun at this age. She keeps me laughing all day long and I'm happy I'll get to enjoy more of that in the weeks to come.

The "for now" portion of this post is simply that I'm not really done working. I'm going to stay on with Chuck's practice as a special projects coordinator. I just made up that title. Sounds good! 

Also, I'll be working on my own growing business. I'm excited to start a new Halloween collection. I've designed the invitation and started roughing out some ideas for the rest of the collection. I think it might turn out to be one of my favorites.

If you have a moment, bop over to my website or store to check out my printable party coordinates!