Chiropractor oh Chiropractor, you are my hero!


I use to be a part of the "once you see a crackopractor - you always have to go! Why would I want to do that?!" camp

Now I'm part of the "why did I wait so long to see this wonderful person?!" camp

My chiropractor is FABULOUS! Dr. Anderberg is a great guy, and great doctor! I get to see him almost every two weeks right now and it's worth every penny. He makes my headaches go away - literally, and fixes my pregger back problems.

He even donated $ to my fundraising for 3 Day this past summer and adjusted me before and after at no charge! What a guy!

Just thought this was worth the mention - since it makes me happy :)

(Cornerstone Chiropractic - Hugo - www.hugohealth.com)


My office

I am polish. I think that needs to be stated here. I found myself working in my office tonight in the following conditions:
If you look closely you'll see that I have my laptop resting on a box (vic secret to be exact), while my mouse is on a stack of books resting on a tote. I am surrounded by stuff, and there is ONE slipper present. Frankie hauled my other one off to the nether regions of the house.
And this is why I was working like this....here is my desk:

After getting off the floor for the hundreth time, I decided enough was enough. I took five minutes out of my work time and cleared my desk. And yes, it only took about five minutes. Der.
Now my work surface looks like this:

Say it with me....Ahhhhhh.......

Also, later while I was taking photos for my company's blog (go there after this to check it out....www.thingamabobsanddoodads.blogspot.com) I had a helper...Frankie was feeling left out between me working in my office and Jeff playing Call of Duty. She just wanted to be loved! She's my little helper.



I gotta say...I feel GREAT! I finally have energy, motivation, and I am ALWAYS happy! I love life right now. Tonight I was extremely busy doing a much over due task....I updated Thingamabobs and Doodads website, created a few marketing pieces on networking sites - Facebook & Twitter to name a few - and even posted a few blog entries. Feels good...feels real good!

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