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New Party Printables collection - Culinary Caboodle

I'm so excited to debut my newest Party Printables collection!

Culinary Caboodle

I designed this collection using a color palette of eggplant and terracotta. I created charming silhouette graphics to give this set a mod retro flair. 

Culinary Caboodle also comes with printables that help create a very fun and neat recipe keepsake for the bride. 



{FREE} Everyone likes that word

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Check out the Fancy That Studio website for a FREE St. Patrick's Day Printable download. 

Also, Fancy That Studio is offering a special St. Patrick's Day promo.

17% off all purchases in our Etsy shop.



Marshmally Goodness!!!

I feel like the luckiest girl alive today. It's ridiculous how something this simple can make me so HAPPY! 

After receiving my super yummy large decaf milk chocolate campfire mocha at the drive thru lane at Caribou today, I casually asked the girl at the window if they used a marshmallow syrup in my drink. She said yes to which I replied "I thought so. It's so yummy. I need to find where I can buy some." I nearly jumped for joy (a difficult feat sitting in a car) when she told me they will sometimes sell bottles right there if it's OK with their manager. I couldn't believe my ears! I said "REALLY?! I'm pulling around and coming inside". She laughed at me - in a good way.

Sure enough, as I walked inside she was speaking with her manager and as she saw me she said "oh, here she is." and held up a beautiful, glorious, LARGE bottle of marshmallow syrup. 

$7 (plus tax) and it was MINE!!!! 

I foresee some very delectable drinks coming to fruition at scrap camp next weekend! 

Moral of this story: Don't be afraid to ask questions. 



Fun with Photos

In preparation for my scrapbooking retreat next weekend, I have begun printing my photos. Oh boy. So many photos to print. Last year I was overwhelmed with too many photos once I got to the retreat. I spent a boat load of time sorting. Although I did just fly home the night before from a 10 day family trip to Texas and Phoenix. I had to order all my pictures while we were traveling and hope they were waiting in the mailbox when I got home. I think that attributes to my lengthy sorting time at the retreat.

This year I am challenging myself to limit the number of photos I bring to the retreat. I have 3 1/2 days of quality cropping time. I've decided to bring along enough photos to do up to 24 pages. If I miraculously finish all those pages, I guess I'll just have to make cards with the rest of my time. {There is no way I will get that many pages done between eating, laughing, eating, there is only so much time for cropping!}

So, on to printing for 2012. I've decided to split my time between scrapbooking Gwen & family and random things I like. {a lot of cooking and crafting photos to sort!}

I also have the added category of pictures from my iPhone. I'm in love with the Hipstamatic App

{John S Lens Pak}
{view of my Hipstamatic on MY iPhone}

{choose a film - lot's of choices if you buy add on's - $.99 & totally worth it!}

It's a digital camera app that creates super cool analog looking images. The Hipstamatic App gives you a ton of neat lens, film and flash options which change the look and feel of your photos. Really it's just a fancy app that applies really neat filters and effects to your photos like photoshop would. My favorite part of this app is creating photos that look like the ones my parents took back in the late 70's and early 80's. I love that I have photos of Gwen with that same grainy amber quality. Plus the images are square! How fun! 

I decided to print my favorite iPhone images using Hipstamatic's print lab and also try out a service called Postalpix.

Hipstamatic has a few different print package options. 

Four Inch Printpak's 
9 pack $4.99
24 pack $9.99
96 pack $34.99

They also offer 7 inch prints, 10 inch gallery prints and 30 inch gallery prints.

Postalpix offers several different sizes.

4x4 1st pack of 3 $.99, 4-20 prints $.29 each, 21+ prints $.21 each
5x5 prints $.89 each
5x7 prints $.89 each
8x8 prints $3.49
8x10 prints $3.49

They also offer something very interesting; Aluminum prints. They are printed on 1 millimeter thick aluminum plates and come with double sided mounting tape for your wall and magnets for the fridge. 

4x4 $7.99
5x7 $14.99
8x8 & 8x10 $24.99

I placed my Hipstamatic Print Lab order via their website and I placed my Postalpix order using my Postalpix iPhone App. You can place orders via either website or in phone application. 

{not my actual order}

 Hipstamatic cost a bit more that Postalpix, but I won't make my final decision on who to use in the future until I get my prints. 

I'm SO excited to see how they look actually printed. I think most of these photos will go into my Smash books. Counting down the days until Scrap Camp!