quick rant

I haven't had much time lately to read some of my favorite blogs, but while Gwen is napping, I decided to take a few minutes to browse a few of my faves.

ugh....is all I can say. Two of my "favorites" have become so bogged down with advertisements on the sides of there blogs that I no longer care to read them. Also, one has simply started pulling stuff they like from other blogs. She use to do her own posts and projects, now she has "guest hosts" and pulls stuff from other blogs she thinks is neat. Guess what. I read many of those other blogs too! And since they are using original material and hosting their own posts, I will no longer read your blog. So there. Thanks for being lame. Oh, and good luck with your new billboard business, since that's what you've become. A billboard blog.


(PS. two new posts in a day, no wait, and hour??!!...I know.  see below)


I am my own worst enemy

I have got to stop watching Criminal Minds before I go to bed. I watched two episodes in a row last night that centered around abductions. One concerning children. It makes me want to imbed several microchips in Gwen. I know it's just a show, but these things really happen. Criminal Minds is my absolute favorite show. It does however make me feel like sometines it's not IF something bad will happen to me and my family, but WHEN.

In reality, I highly doubt a serial killer is going to come knocking on my door. But I have started leaving the porch light on.



Bleep Blorp Bleep

Well that title has nothing to do with the subject of this post. Just felt like saying it. (what is wrong with me sheesh!) ha ha ha...

Maybe I'm saying something so random because my brain is tired. Not from lack of sleep, just from coping from a tough two days. Gwen has the stomach flu. I have done LOT'S of laundry these past few days.

She definitely takes after her daddy when it comes to being sick. No complaints from that little girl. She's projectile vomiting one minute, giggling and playing the next. It hasn't even phased her. She hasn't shed a single tear from puking or having WATER come out of her rear end. (well not water, more like pond sludge - hope you're not eating lunch while reading this!) Meanwhile Mommy wants to cry! OK, it's not really that bad. I just feel bad for her, even though she's clearly not affected by being sick. Goofy, I know.

She's napping right now, thank the good Lord above. I'm having an anxiety attack over what to feed her next. Rice cereal stayed with her for a while today, but then came spewing back up and then some. We'll try that again when she wakes up. Her only fluid's and other intakes have been Pedialyte. Although, I tried giving her some earlier and the first drop made her gag then ruin a perfectly clean set of jammies and fluffy newly washed blanket. Back in the washer they went.

You know that show "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery? I think they should do an episode of Mother's with Stomach Flu ridden tots. It's the most disgusting job I've ever had, but still loving every moment of it.