Another Crazy Adventure!

I'm at it again! I decided since I can't participate in the Breast Cancer 3 Day this year, I will walk in the Walk for Animals on May 1st with Frankie.  I started a team, Furry Frienemies, and I'm gathering the troops.  I think it will be a lot of fun.  It's 5 miles, althought I may not complete the full 5 miles in my condition. No fundraising minimums, but again, I do plan to do some fundraising. So far I have three other team mates!

I love doing things like this. I just hope Baby can hold off and let me make it to May 1st!

Want to join my team or donate? Check it out!



My last "hoorah"

I arrived at Memory Lanes "ScrapCamp" yesterday.  Three days of scrapbookin! Yippee! I'm still working on my 3 Day scrapbook.  My goal is to have this completed by the end of the summer.  I better get as much done as possible this weekend.  Maybe I should be working on my pages and not blogging.
 hmmm....gotta go.



Like Totally

Ah the 80's........the toys...they were so cool! So, with that said...the following is a list of Queen to 1's 80's faves:

(bad photo)

Girl Talk board game - easily one of my favorites, although I don't remember playing the game much with friends. I just loved the telephone it came with - ooh, and the red "zit" stickers! AWESOME!

Keypers - I always called them secret keepers. I had the purple snail. I LOVED this toy! I kept the strangest things in mine. Bits of ribbon, Bazooka comics, a few choice NKOTB trading cards (if you don't know what NKOTB stands for, stop reading..right now...and go away!) and of course, the funny little ??gopher??? never was sure what that little guy was.

Cabbage Patch Dolls - WHY did my parents torture me with this doll? My little brother has red hair, and for some twisted reason, the only dolls my parents ever bought me...had RED hair! My first, and only Cabbage Patch Doll had red corn silk hair. It was curly in front and long in back (hybrid mullet?!) She's actually in the picture shown above. Back row, left. I never had the "yarn head" dolls. I also remember having matching pajamas for me and my Cabbage Patch Doll. Not to mention my totally rad high chair


Too Cute!

While enjoying my Sunday coffee and catching up on my blogs,
 I came across this:

I am in LOVE! I immediatly went to the Etsy shop to see all the designs.  I happened to be drawn to these two, but WOW...so many cute designs.  What's even better? The creator of these adorable crayon rolls is local! I know our tot won't be needed one of these for a few years, but I'll probably buy a few anyhow in the next few months. I also know a few little girls that will be getting these for upcoming birthdays!

Here is the Etsy store where you can find them:


Just can't stop

Ok, I had a lot of fun updating my blog today.

I think Frankie's blog and Baby's blog need an update. 

I'll be working on that for the rest of the night.

Thinking Done

After my previous post, I updated my entire blog. I guess I will keep this one going. I have new energy to write here daily, but we'll just see how that goes.

too many blogs!

Currently I'm writing on two other blogs daily...I've sadly neglected this blog.

I think the reason I'm not really into writing on this blog is because I'm not too crazy about it.  Maybe I'll retire this one and start fresh - again. Or maybe not.

I guess I have some thinking to do.......

PS. my other blogs?



Happy Birthday to Frankie!

Technically her birthday was February 29th, but since there was no February 29th this year, we just say it was March 1st.  Unfortunetly for Frankalin (one of the many nicknames for her) her Mommy was sick on the 1st, Daddy had knee surgery on the 2nd, and we haven't had a chance to properly celebrate.  I'm hoping to take her to the dog park this weekend and we'll get her a special treat and toy too.

So....Frankie Deloris is now 2 YEARS OLD!!